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Italian Indire LLP National Agency, 2013
European mobility for education and training Survey on the impact of LLP (Lifelong Learning Programme) from 2007 to 2012
IN: I quaderni del Lifelong Learning Programme, nr. 20 December 2013, INDIRE
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Italian Indire LLP National Agency, 2013
Programma LLP:
consapevolezza dei risultati attraverso
una prima valutazione dell’impatto
IN: I quaderni del Lifelong Learning Programme, nr. 23 December 2013, INDIRE
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Iuzzolino, Guiseppe; Lotito, Silvia, 2014
Manuale del tirocinante: guida pratica al tirocinio extracurriculare
Trainee handbook: practical guide to extra-curricular traineeships
IN: Isfol
ISBN 978-88-543-0179-5
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Denoux, S.; Maubant, P.; Triby, T. (coord.), 2014
Apprendre en stage: situation de travail, interactions et participation
Learning while at an Internship: In the Context of Work, Interactions and Participation
IN: Le stage en formation, tendances et résistances -Varia Education et socialisation Les cahiers du CERFEE N°35, Presses Universitaires de la Méditerranée, Montpellier
ISSN 2271-6092
Isfol National Centre Euroguidance Italy , 2014
Traineeship in Italy
IN: Revelox
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International Labour Organization: Steedman, H. , 2012
Overview of Apprenticeship Systems and Issues
IN: International Labour Organization
ISBN 978-9221267416 (pdf)
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Industriellenvereinigung, 2013
Lehrlingsausbildung innovativ - Best-Practice-Beispiele aus der österreichischen Industrie
Innovative VET - Best Practice Examples from the Austrian Industy
IN: Industriellenvereinigung
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Co-funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union