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TrainCom Information and Learning Platform

An information and learning platform that targets skills development among VET teachers, trainers and assessors with a view to enhancing work-based and competency-based vocational education and training (VET).

Training Company Trainers on Transversal Skills: A Practical Guide


A practical guide that centres on the importance of skills development for in-company trainers. Confirming the importance of transversal skills development, tasks, responsibilities, training and  qualifications are each separately addressed, with Austrian and German examples brought forth as best practice.

Practical Guide for Companies to Organise and Conduct Training on the Dual VET System - Special Focus on Tourism and Automotive Sectors


A practical guide in which knowledge, experience and best practice are brought forth in relation to the Dual VET system. Whilst having an initial focus on the Tourism and Automotive sectors, the described model is as easily relevant to other occupational sectors.

ConClip Videos

A series of short video clips for the construction sector with a particular focus on skills for the development of passive housing. Videos are work-focused, instructional and easy to use and might form part of preparatory skills training or be used as a part of self-directed learning.

Be a Mentor in the Workplace: Mentor and Mentee Development Tools


A series of tools and materials (profile, training programme, handbook, guide for mentees) able to support the delivery of mentoring in the workplace. Tools can be used by those considering mentoring for the very first time as well as by those looking to enhance existing mentoring activity.

Go&LearNet Study Visits Catalogue

Good Practice Guide / Catalogue

A web-based catalogue of short-courses, presentations and introductory programmes with each able to provide a valuable insight into the operation of a particular company or sector. A good example of that which can be achieved through education-industry collaboration.

ToolsForSkills - Forest Workers’ Online Training Tool

Online Material for eLearning

An online training tool for forest workers in which vocational and English language skills are developed simultaneously. Users can select from 15 European languages which they can then pair with English to facilitate learning delivery.

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