Donnerstag 17. August 2017

ConClip Videos

Educational Field(s):
Vocational Education and Training
Core Theme:
Target Group(s):
Management (Education and Training)
Trainers and Mentors in the Workplace
Economic Sector(s):
Product Description

Cognisant of the EU Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings, and of moves in many European countries towards the construction of passive houses, partners from seven European countries came together to develop a series of instructional video clips for the construction sector, addressing a confirmed need for upskilling within the existing (and future) workforce. The project focused specifically on skills for the development of passive housing and resulted in a series of eight video clips focusing on topics tied to insulation (window, wall insulation boards, brickwork, cavity walls, skirting) and airtightness (windows, threshold areas, ducts and cables). Notably, with the construction sector employing a significant number of cross-border workers from different European countries, video clips were extended to cover both partner and non-partner languages.

Needs, Context and Use

Materials are simple to access and take the form of short video-clips - each having a duration of 3-4 minutes. Videos could be used by those delivering preparatory, skills development or induction training, be this in the workplace or in a formal training environment. Videos equally support autonomous learning either home-based or on-the-move, the latter requiring a smart phone for access. Where planning to incorporate the videos into commercial training delivery, permission for use should be sought from the original project development team.

Co-funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union