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Advising Farms: Tools for Training in Strategy


A pedagogical guide able to be used by those working to build and develop strategy in (very) small enterprises, with specific reference to a series of tools and methodologies able to enhance future capacity-building within and beyond the original (target) sector of agriculture.

ToolsForSkills - Forest Workers’ Glossary


A single Forest Workers’ glossary extending to 3000 terms in sixteen European languages, useful for those aiming to communicate or be understood as well as those attempting to make sense of technical documentation for forest machinery.

Set of Experimental Modules of Vocational Integration developed on the basis of the Identified Competences needed for Handling Work Processes

Teaching / Training Method

A report in which experimental modules for vocational integration are presented for floristry, welding and printing, with additional insight given into a methodology for the selection and adaptation of competence sets aligning these with the needs of specific socially disadvantaged learner audiences.

tune in! toolbox

Good Practice Guide / Catalogue

A series of practical exercises and activities, in seven European languages, able to be used by teachers and trainers working to deliver practical (work-based, work-oriented) vocational training with learners or learner audiences at risk of dropout.

Descriptors of Work Processes selected as the Best Suitable for the Vocational Integration of Socially Disadvantaged Youth


A report centred on frameworks and processes for the selection of fields and work processes best suited to socially inclusive vocational education and training (VET) with exemplars provided for floristry, welding, aircraft mechanics and printing.

Literacy@Work Methodological Guide


The Literacy@Work Methodological Guide brings forth baseline information and conceptual insights into workplace literacy training prior to considering the required planning, preparation, delivery and evaluations steps that might be required for those actively involved in programme delivery.

Development of an Innovative Apprenticeship in the Retail Sector - Guidelines


A set of guidelines centred on mechanisms and areas for quality improvement in retail apprenticeship, with a notable (original) focus on four Southern European countries. Guidelines cover both policy and practice and provide both an insight into the existing state-of-play as well as recommendations for change and improvement.

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