Donnerstag 17. August 2017
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Evaluation of the learning success in projects

Teaching / Training Material

A short publication resulting from the PIA2 project - in which project management was considered as an instrument for improving the quality of teaching and training delivery in VET - which focuses on the changing nature of education and training and the need to balance traditional teacher-led input with opportunities for experiential learning.

Project Management: Setting the Standards


A set of Project Management guidelines were developed as a part of the PIA2 project - an innovation transfer project led by the University of Bremen in which project management was seen as an instrument for assuring quality in teaching and training in VET - with the ultimate goal being self-development among teachers, trainers and other educators.

NICE Handbook for the Academic Training of Career Guidance and Counselling Professionals


The NICE Handbook offers an academic perspective on the future of higher education for Career Guidance and Counselling professionals in Europe.

Handbook: Improve Professional Orientation - A Modular Training Course for VET Professionals

Training Course

The Improve Professional Orientation handbook aims at improving and enhancing the performance of teachers and trainers already working in VET and looking to improve their skills and capacities in delivering professional orientation (vocational guidance).

Video Sharing: Introduction to Web 2.0 Video Apps

Teaching / Training Material

The go4job project allowed apprentices to produce digital media input through which recent changes in the world of work were able to be recorded and reported, including to those still in education, with a view to ensuring the relevance of general education to the future labour market.

Go&Learnet: Handbook for the Hosting Company


The Handbook is the result of a number of past-funded projects, the most recent being the Go&Learnet project in which partners from 6 countries came together to transfer and experiment with the Go&Learn model for teacher and trainer development.

EMCOSU: Insights of European Universities


Developed as a part of the EMCOSU (Emerging Modes of Cooperation between Private Sector Organisations and Universities) project, involving University and Enterprise partners from six European countries, this publication presents the results of a survey into the perspectives of Higher Education Institutions on University-Business Cooperation (UBC).

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