Donnerstag 17. August 2017
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Charism Video: Europe's New Passport into the World of Work


One of the outcomes of the Charism project, which centred on use of a Case Management approach when working with unemployed young people, was a news report (promotional video).

New Deal: Job Profiles and Pathways to Attain Competences

Competence Matrix

Partners in the New Deal sector, targeted the development and description of 5 job profiles (job outlines) that are commonly recognised in the large scale retail sector. Job profiles include: sales manager, sales professional, sales activities, shelving self-service and administrative assistant.

VET & WORK: E-learning Course for Students

Guidance Material

The VET & WORK E-learning course comprises 5 video modules that centre on active job search techniques.

Triple Learning Platform: Learning Outcomes for Retail


As a part of the Triple Learning Platform (TLP) Leonardo da Vinci Partnership project, partners in four European countries (DE, DK, FI, NL) established an in-house retail business (retail shop), operating in collaboration with local retail businesses with a view to selling the products of these companies in the school environment.

TAKE TECH Handbook for Schools


The TAKE TECH project aimed at increasing awareness among young people on potential technical and scientific professions and careers paths. It targeted increased collaboration between education and industry through a process of systematic matchmaking. The Handbook provides a wealth of operational templates and worksheets that can be adapted for use by those responsible for the delivery of in-company visits in any setting.

Join in a Job! Workplace Material: Competence-oriented Tools for Career Advancement


Within the ‘Workplace Material’ section of the Join in a Job! Practitioner Portfolio, a number of tools and instruments are provided that centre on recognition, development and, ultimately, career advancement, for young migrants in the workforce.

AGID: Training Modules - Ageing and Intellectual Disability

Education and Training Module

In the AGID (Developing Training Modules for Staff on Ageing and Disability Issues) project, a series of six training modules was developed to support professional development and capacity-building among frontline staff and others working with older persons having a confirmed intellectual disability.

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