Donnerstag 17. August 2017
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SOS Network Website: "Interesting Stories" and "Methods and Tools"

Good Practice Guide / Catalogue

In the multilingual SOS Network Website, there are two important sections in which "interesting cases" and "methods and tools" are provided. In the former, close to 50 examples of interesting practice are presented. In the latter, the focus is on the tools, processes and methodologies that were adopted or used in the initial set of "interesting cases".

Report: The Crucial 30 Situational Learning Cases for Competitiveness


The InTouch report centres on what it deems to be the most crucial non-routine (non-occupationally specific) skills that should be targeted by SMEs, in the business sector, with a view to improving their competitiveness.

PLEbaum Guide


In addition to confirming original project goals and partner institutions - including in terms of the depth of existing use of Web 2.0 technologies in partner institutions and participating schools and companies - the PLEbaum Guide goes on to provide a series of useful pointers in terms of technical and organisational planning for those considering the introduction of a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) for students or staff.

NetKnowing 2.0 e-Learning Suite: Basic Course

Teaching / Training Material

The NetKnowing 2.0 e-Learning Suite provides direct access to the Basic Course and allows participating SME staff (following registration) to develop their knowledge and understanding of learning forms, learning technologies and learning in networks.

EREIVET Learning Outcome Units


In the EREIVET (European Regions Enhancing Internationalisation of Vocational Education and Training) project, Learning Outcomes units were designed and developed, specifically for use during a period of transnational mobility in VET, and centre on three distinct sectors or professions: health and social care, electrician and business administration.


Teaching / Training Material

The TRA¡NSITION! package extends over four distinct sections:  "Basic Information", "Training Modules", "Case Studies" and a "TRA¡NSITION! Portfolio".

Job Rotation Application Handbook


The Job Rotation Application Handbook initially introduces the core concept of Job Rotation schemes.

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